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Mobile Aircraft Detailing Service - Patriot Eagle Aircraft Detailing in Orlando, FL

Servicing Orlando, Kissimmee, and Sanford Airport Locations & Fixed Based Operations.

Why Us?

Proper aircraft care takes time, hard work, and knowledge. It's important to maintain your aircraft on a routine basis so you don't incur long term damages and have to pay out of pocket for something that has prematurely happened.

Every aircraft owner knows that whether a hobby, profession, or just a transport vehicle, preventative maintenance is key to having a safe aircraft that will last its meant lifetime. When taking shortcuts, lives are at stake and maintenance costs rise incredibly.

Patriot Eagle Aircraft Detailing is a mobile aircraft detailing service that is trusted by the community to work on all aircraft - from single prop engine to twin engine jets. We are committed to providing top class service for all of our customers - at all times.

Quality Results

Our service is not your regular hand wash, dry, and done service. We take the time to service each individual aircraft with the correct, aviation safe products, while providing incredible attention to detail possible. We aim to provide the best results achievable for all services.

Maintain Aircraft Value

It's important to give your aircraft the correct attention in order to keep it as close to new condition and keep your resell value high. Your airplane's paint, brightwork, boots, and leading edges need to be maintaned to prevent oxidation, having to repaint, and to maintain it's overall gloss.

When you use our services, we come to you, and provide the proper care for your aircraft, making sure it's brought back to the best condition possible. The last thing you want is your paint to have to be repainted or possibly have boots cracking on your leading edges.

UV rays, unforeseen weather like rain, hail, and strong winds can affect your aircraft while you're flying or while it's parked outdoors in Florida weather.

Professional Staff

Our staff is certified, courteous, and determined to provide outstanding service. Trusted by locals, we are confident in providing the best quality services, while making and maintaining a professional relationship with all of our clients. We take initiative to make sure we are always up to date on aviation detailing techniques and safety procedures to ensure our clients and surrounding pilots' safety.


Our service is easy to book and only takes a few minutes - by phone or online on our booking platform. We bring our services to you - right at your hangar or ramp. No waiting in line or having to leave your aircraft at a separate location. Keeping up with aircraft paint, brightwork, boot, and interior maintenance has never been easier.


Email us at or give us a call at (407) 600-5201.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are. We hold an aviation detailing and ceramic coating certification from System X – the company that holds the only ceramic coating that’s certified by Boeing. 

We’re also insured by Alexander Aviation Insurance and access to various airports in the Central Florida region.

Cost of aircraft detailing varies from one airplane to the other. Pricing is calculated by length and wingspan as well as condition of aircraft.

For more information on pricing, please contact us by calling or filling out the form here.

Yes, our company keeps records for all services performed for each aircraft. This log is available to our clients by request. This is good for clients who like to keep a log of everything that happens to the aircraft – for maintenance and resell purposes.

Yes, if we have availability, we do provide same day service. Please fill out our form or give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Patriot Eagle Aircraft Detailing provides detailing services to all aircraft owners and managers. We service all – from small single prop to twin engine jets, we’re here for everyone.